Primitive Fire Making
with Big Smoke


Remember the days when you COULD strike a match just about anywhere and it really worked? Now we have "strike anywhere" matches that don't!! So if the match heads don't pop off or fizzle out, we're doing pretty good, right? Or how about the race to get the candle lit before it burns your finger?  Either way, matches aren't what they used to be.  Now, the generation favorite is the BIC lighter. So if you've got your BIC lighter, you're good, right? Maybe not--the BIC has it's limitations, too!  So, allow me to introduce you to THE BACK UP TO THE BIC!

We all are going to use our favorite convenience for making a fire or lighting a candle, but let us look at the wise choice of having one or more ways of making fire that is more dependable than our favorite convenience. Primitive Fire Making focuses on helping people like you to learn how to make fire with a very old, but tried and true way of making fire. We use the flint and steel striking method along with the very advantageous means of catching that spark to aid in the fire making process called Char cloth, or carbonized cotton. We offer single components to add to your existing supplies as well as a very effective and compact set.  We hope to make this method tangible and useful to the average person, not just interesting information or entertainment to the onlooker at our gun show table or rendezvous event.

In today's world things are changing rapidly. We believe it wise to learn how to use fire making tools like you will find on our web site to be more prepared for emergencies as well as the satisfaction of not being limited to making fire with just the most convenient traditional methods. What we learn from the past will make us wiser for the future...and its fun, too!
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