About Us

Michael, also known as Big Smoke, and Loritta, known as Flint Woman or “Mrs. Smoke”, have been married for more than 38 yrs.  Michael and Loritta both grew up in California, meeting in their college days. Michael was intensely interested in out door survival skills from a young man. He knew no one personally who could teach him the primitive fire skills at that time. He studied Boy Scout books and other materials that he could get his hands on, pondering the process by trial and error until he had breakthroughs. When Loritta met him, she embarked on the venture with him over the last several decades. As their children became school age, opportunities opened for Michael to share his out door skills as well as his historical knowledge in the classroom. Later they became involved with rendezvous and other special events.

With Loritta’s sales experience, she encouraged Michael to not only demonstrate his primitive skills but to also make the products available for sale to those who would want the experience for themselves. Today they are regular vendors as well as teachers of the products and skills reflected in this website. They enjoy helping others to learn and develop their personal knowledge and skills for survival in the present generation.

Loritta and Mike